Custom Made and Ready Made Toupees

All Prices Include a Consultation and Fitting if Required.

Toupees are made in manly 2 base types, Lace and Monofilament.

Lace is the much finer lasting the shortest time with Monofilament either Fine or Medium lasting longer, the finer the base the more natural but shorter the life.

Prices will vary depending on the size of the base, how fine the base material and custom or ready made, but as a guide the price range including fitting will be £390.00 to £1,000.00 each.

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Custom Made delivery is around 9 Months - Ready Made in around 1 Month.

All my prices include consultation, making, fitting and a second Styling if required after the system has settled.

A Sample of a Low Density Lace System

Density as you can see plays a big part in how natural the finished system is, to thick and it looks wrong.

A Sample of a Ready Made off the Peg System

Base size is Normaly 9" x 6", Medium Density and Hair Length of 6"